What Do I Do If Power Goes Out... During A Snow Storm.


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Last post I promise… Your cham will also be OK if temperatures dip. Obv don’t want them to get to freezing for your chameleon’s sake as well as your water pipes… But if the temps drop a bit it will be ok. Some reputable Parsons keepers let their guys get to 40s and a little below. Not ideal for a panther, but they can survive if its above freezing.


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I have family in Houston. If your electric company is anything like your highway designers... you’re in trouble!! Jk...

Deca mentioned hot water bottles, and thats actually an excellent way to raise temps a bit. Greenhouse growers do so with sealed water drums in order to slowly release the heat and energy. If you dont habe a gas stove, though, that may not help much. If you DO have a gas stove, dont run it to heat your house... we’ve had some tragedies in Baltimore from people doing that in winter.
I’d hang a blanket over the window if you can, because that is where the cold air will come in. The insulation in your home
Will help keep the cold out and heat in if you block the drafty doors and windows.
If you are looking for a generator, make sure you run it OUTSIDE the house, or get a solar generator. I have a few Goal Zero Yetis and love them. Running a heater will use up too much energy ok a yeti, though, but you could run the heat lamp.
Yup, we use our gas stove only to heat up water and cook when the power goes out, should’ve specified, sorry!


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Short-term, if you have a car (or a nice neighbor with one), they make these adapters for the cigarette lighter to take a Plug. Could have one of those and run an extension cord into your house.

Also, some companies you'd find at home depot (like dewalt) have a power pack you can charge, then plug small appliances into. I think we have a dewalt radio that you can plug a bunch of small stuff into, like at jobs where there is no outlet. There are ultra tiny spaceheaters that are about 4in x 8 in that plug right in the wall, almost like a nightlight. Also, could judiciously use a small hair dryer.

Another idea is getting a small or large kerosene heater. I don't think they are very expensive, and the little kerosene packs are pretty easy to find, I believe.

Long-term, and for so many reasons, I would consider saving up for a generator. I know you need space and fuel and a fuel tank, but it is well worth considering. There are super, super cheap ones out there (like $200) that might just get you by, and be a lifesaver! Best of luck, and spring is almost here!


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For next time: make a little basket, swaddle, or pouch, and put him under your coat or jacket (even if you have to wear something a little big. Our body temp. 98.6 plus or minus is great. Your body temp will help for a few days as long as you produce heat. Drastic times require drastic measures.

Note: Thank you cold weather training. ooh-rah!
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