Starter mistking VS ultimate value kit?


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Which one would be better for someone with just one chameleon but may be getting more in the future? Which one will give me less of a headache? All opinions are more than welcome.

Also I am going to be living in a basement suite so my main concern is that the water from the mister will get into the carpets and on the walls. Does this happen with the mistking? If so is there a way to prevent this? No one like mildew on their walls LOL.

Thanks everyone! I look forward to many fun times on the forums!
These are the differences.

For the most part what I like is the ZipDrip and the 2 amp pump. But I don't know if I really need that for one panther chameleon. I could just add the zipdrip onto the starter one.

My main concern though was about the mist getting on the walls and causing issues.

A bigger pump will let you use more nozzles if you plan to expand your collection and you can cover the sides of your cage with a plastic, like a shower curtain.
go with the starter, mine just came in and its everything i need, i think that ive heard the spray is wide from side to side so maybe you should block the left and right side of the cage.

hope i helped :)
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