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I love my sis in law, I feel rude, she has a new job, and she stops by after work ( but that is about 9 am - she works 3rd's ) well, this is how it goes in the AM - 7 am LIGHTS ON
8 am feed roaches ( I will not answer the phone, door, child IF I have a roach bin open, or roaches in my cup - )
9 AM - catch/feed flies - ( this is also when I feed the horses ) so she is getting up set that I wont sit and b/s w/ her - I keep telling her to stop at 10 :cool:

AM I being rude ? :eek:
Haha, yes you are but...put a net in her hand! Extra hands means less work for you. Talk to her while you are both catching flies!

Make it sound like so much fun!
I don't have a any brothers or sisters. In fact my mom is the only one on my side of the family left - and I'm only 29 :eek:

So my childhood consists of catching lizards, bugs, wildlife extra.

So... I may not have the experience with family coming over extra. But I can say that its routine... going out feeding horses etc. She can come talk to you while your feeding horses. She doesn't have to like animals to walk with you lol
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