some chams toronto, canada

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I have some chams for sale I need room and am going to let go my chams that dont have mates.

First is a WC female Rudis chameleon. She gave birth a month or more ago, and is doing really well. I have had her for 4 or so months. She will eat anything you put in front of her and has a real good temperment. Some cham experience is needed for this girl. there is a pic of her eating from a few days ago and a pic of her b4 she droped her babies.


mlae WC Chamaeleo (Chamaeleo) roperi (part of the flap-neck group but is not a delips)
This guys care is just like a panther or veild I him like my panther chameleons and he has been doing really well. He has grown in my care (5ish months) and i guess his age at no older then 1.5 years max prolly coloser to a year. Due to him not being common here is he probably better suited for someone who wants a pet rather then a breeder as finding a female would be very hard. pics are of his normal lime green coloration and his fired up colors. There is no guessing when this guy is mad. His temperment is pretty good a bit timid but will hand feed.


Lastly This is Beebs a female Veild CB (approx 8 months old). She is a veild and has a attitude like the majority of veilds.


Please email me if interested i will answer any questions.

availiable any time and will bring to ottawa 15th show for anyone going or in that area.

hope i covered everyting

OH ill send free Silkworms with them to there new homes.

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