Signs of Dehydration/Hydration


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What are the specific signs of a hydrated vs dehydrated chameleon?
How can I confirm that my chameleon has adequate water in his system?

Thanks in advance.
My oustalets will sample the leaves/branches by sticking their tongue out to lick it, almost like a snake does to smell the ground beneath it. They do it every few hours to see if there's moisture.

Other than that, if you start a drip over the top into the cage and they're not drawn to the visual/sound of the droplets within 5 minutes they're probably just fine.


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These aren't exactly early signs of dehydration but take a look at his poop, specifically the whitish portion. That part should be a nice bright white. If it looks off-white, beige, brown, orange, or any other strange color then your cham isn't getting enough hydration. You cha also look at his Casque, that's the crown like part of his head. Some chams like Panthers have very well developed casques, others not so much. What you want to see especially in panthers, is a nice plump casque. If its flat or sunken it is a definite sign of dehydration and possibly even malnutrition as this is a fat pad that stores both calories and water.


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Thanks for all the info everyone. I think I will post a picture of his head/eyes when I get a chance, just to confirm.
Generally you can tell your cham is dehydrated by noting sunken eyes and discolored urates as noted above. You can also perform the 'pinch test', where you lightly pinch a bit of skin on the hip area of the back hind leg. It will 'tent' and if the tent takes a while to flatten, your Cham is most likely in need of water. If the tent flattens right away (or fairly soonish!) then he/she is properly hydrated.


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The reason for my concern is that I have not been able to remove him from his cage to give him a shower. He stresses out and fires up as soon as I attempt to remove him.

Based on the info provided I think he is in good shape, but was hoping you guys might be able to confirm: pics


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Looks hydrated and healthy to me. His eyes are "bulgy" and full, not sunken. As has already been mentioned, if you're still worried just watch his urates.

And Beautiful Colors :) Very nice looking cham!
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