1. Fogging as a Chameleon Hydration Method

    Fogging as a Chameleon Hydration Method

    Fogging is becoming a primary, if not only, hydration method for a number of chameleon keepers. Fogging replicates a cloud enveloping the chameleon in the early mornings of their natural habitat. The part which confounds us humans is that it appears that chameleons can be fully hydrated from...
  2. Tymeleon

    Hydrating Your Chameleons

    Hope this video helps and shows you how chameleons drink! Hydrating Your Chameleons Thanks for watching :D
  3. scs

    Direct Misting/Showers

    I've looked through a bunch of threads, not wanting to repeat questions over and over, but there were many different aspects and I want to make sure my cham has the best set up regarding water. I have a female veiled chameleon who is about 8-11 months old. She isn't gravid or anything and...
  4. summoner12

    AquaZamp - Labor Day Sale

    AquaZamp Labor Day sale! Save this week and next week with supperior quality and superior service from AquaZamp! Purchase a Premium RainDome System or Premium Mist System and receive free shipping* of these systems to the continental USA. Purchase a Premium LowProfile RainDome System...
  5. Lathis

    Eliminating dripper use - Jacksons Cham?

    I am seriously considering eliminating using a dripper for my Jackson's cham. I have a MistKing (which I love) set up for regular automated mistings. I aimed the MistKing so that about half the mist shoots free and the other half hits a big plant (for runoff). My Jax is a good drinker, and...
  6. summoner12

    AquaZamp - ***** Review

    AquaZamp Premium LowProfile RainDome System Review.
  7. ubhuti

    Signs of Dehydration/Hydration

    What are the specific signs of a hydrated vs dehydrated chameleon? How can I confirm that my chameleon has adequate water in his system? Thanks in advance.
  8. ferretinmyshoes

    Drinking from a syringe

    My male panther Oscar is very finicky about drinking. He has changed his preferred method of drinking multiple times over the last few years but for the last year or so will only drink from a syringe. He does so readily at least! When he sees the syringe coming he immediately starts trying to...
  9. deadhd5

    Best Practices: Hyrdrating Feeders?

    Over the past week I have been giving my chams a round of Reptaid by injecting the serum into a cricket then feeding it off by hand. It is much easier than I expected. The thought occurred to me that I could inject water into a cricket each morning for routine additional hydration. Does...
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