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My male panther Oscar is very finicky about drinking. He has changed his preferred method of drinking multiple times over the last few years but for the last year or so will only drink from a syringe. He does so readily at least! When he sees the syringe coming he immediately starts trying to drink from it so at least it's easy. And he's not shy about it! My brother was holding him at the time. Here are some pics, because it's cute and their tongues are so cool! :)

Btw, the syringe has a soft IV catheter tip on it. So it doesn't have to be so close to him and can't hurt him if I accidentally poke him with it or he accidentally bites it. I only squirt it on his tongue while his mouth is open and he lets me know when he's done. You have to be careful not to do too much too fast or he could aspirate.






I like seeing the big vein on the side of the tongue in this one!
That is so cute! He is a beautiful chameleon. My guy only drinks when I drip the dripper over his head! I hold him and then balance the dripper on top of his cage over the side and let it drip down on his nose. He drinks the best this way or I follow him around in the cage with the dripper. He usually will stop in a spot and start drinking. Finicky little creatures they are!!!
THAT IS SO CUTE! I love it! I've tried different methods like that over the past 1 1/2 years with Phineas and he always just looks at me like I'm some kind of freak. He has always just drunk water from his morning shower. But oh, how I wish he would drink like that!
Thats very cool. My oldest panther will only feed from tongs since his tongue quit working properly. I may have to try and get him drinking like this. It would be a lot easier to monitor his water intake.
Thanks all! I had to train him to drink this way by squirting a little into his mouth while it was open when he was chewing a cricket. At first he didn't like the syringe but he would get a tasty treat before and then after squirting a small amount I'd give him a butterworm or something else he liked. After a while he got used to it and then he would eat a cricket and I'd squirt some and then he'd keep drinking from it so a reward wasn't needed. Now he recognizes the syringe and knows that's where water comes from. Although if you try to use a different size syringe (it takes 3-4 of that size to get his fill) he doesn't trust it! He's smart!

Oh and the tip is actually an IV catheter without the needle stylet. One of the perks of being a vet is finding uses for things that get messed up or expired. This one was dropped on the floor accidentally so not suitable for going into a vein. I knew I'd find a use for it!
Oscar is looking great! I keep trying to get mine to drink directly from my mister but Jasmine is scared of it if it gets too near and Rinty has done it a couple of times but prefers just to be misted.
Great photos too :)
thats really cool Ferret :) at least you know just how much water he is getting- I only see Olive drink rarely - I always worry she is not getting enough - but her 'whites" always look good - just HOW much should they drink ? like 3 cc - 10 ?? how much do you give him - I think that is really neat, but I have to admit- after Gail, the last thing I want to do is get near any kind of syringe - lol and not letting things go to waste... I made my rain system for the top of my cage out of my Dad's old oxygen tube - ;)
beautiful cham !!!!
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