1. JosieJobo

    Finally drinking!

    My 7 months old panther Diesel I hadn't never seen drinking for months latly I changed his enclosure and put the fogger on top of the mesh blowing down, one morning I noticed that he licks the drips from the mesh after about a week I realised he dose this every morning! yesterday I went and got...
  2. ferretinmyshoes

    Drinking from a syringe

    My male panther Oscar is very finicky about drinking. He has changed his preferred method of drinking multiple times over the last few years but for the last year or so will only drink from a syringe. He does so readily at least! When he sees the syringe coming he immediately starts trying to...
  3. K

    weird drinking habit??

    So my male panther chameleon is weird! I'll spray him and instead of going to a plant or stick to drink off he acts as if a drop of water is a bug and shoots his tougn(wow cant spell) anyways i feel as if he isn't getting enough to drink using this tactic does anyone else have one that drinks...
  4. Mathesar Is Looking For A Drink

    Mathesar Is Looking For A Drink

    My ambilobe Mathesar licking his vine.
  5. Misty Mornings

    Misty Mornings

    Naboo taking in some mornin' brew.
  6. Having A Drink

    Having A Drink

    Tri-Tip drinking.
  7. Syringe Drinking

    Syringe Drinking

    Oscar enjoying his daily hydration.
  8. Shenron The Jackson's

    Shenron The Jackson's

    Shenron the Jackson's Chameleon quenching his thirst.
  9. Drinky Time!

    Drinky Time!

    male veiled drinking
  10. Drip Drop

    Drip Drop

    Female parsonii drinking
  11. Morning Shower

    Morning Shower

    My nosy be drinking water in the morning
  12. A Lick Of Dew

    A Lick Of Dew

    Baby Jacksons Getting a drink after misting the plant
  13. Water!


    he is thirsty!
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