AquaZamp - Labor Day Sale

AquaZamp Labor Day sale!

Save this week and next week with supperior quality and superior service from AquaZamp!

Purchase a Premium RainDome System or Premium Mist System and receive free shipping* of these systems to the continental USA.

Purchase a Premium LowProfile RainDome System and save $25!

Also save expanding your system!

Coupon codes:

Coupon codes are case sensitive. :)

  • Free shipping: FShip
  • $25 off Premium LowProfile RainDome System: Save25
  • $10 off LowProfile RainDome: Save10
  • $10 off LowProfile RainDome Conversion Kit: Save10
  • $3 off Misting and Standard RainDomes: Save3

Any questions email: [email protected]

Key features of the AquaZamp systems for those of you still undecided or unfamiliar with AquaZamp.

AquaZamp uses components made in the USA. Our pumps, fittings, tubing, the RainDomes and water reservoir are all made in the USA, even our packaging! Items will ship from southern California.

Not only are the water components made in the USA, they are also NSF certified components. This means that they are food grade quality. Even the water reservoir in our Premium systems is made of NSF materials. This means our plastics don't leach chemicals or metals into the water your animals are drinking. NSF certification is a very expensive process and represents the highest of quality.

Our fittings and tubing are also pressure rated. This means you won't come home to a tube that has popped out of a fitting and is pumping gallons of water onto your floor. The fittings have two O-rings to seal the tubing to the fitting. This ensures a maximum seal even with an extreme angle of the tubing to the fitting (for instance the tubing is being pulled un-expectedly). Two O-rings can conform to the tubing and fitting better than one. The tubing is rated at 250psi and the fittings are rated to 140psi at 70*f. It is impressive how firm these components fit together. :cool:

Here is a video of how to assemble a Premium system: Link

To make the holes for the reservoir we use an aluminum template that is machine built. Here is the making of that template: Link

RainDome in action at the Pomona Reptile Super Show

LowProfile RainDome:


*Shipping is for the cost to ship the Premium Mist or RainDome system. Items added to the system that can't ship witin thesame carton might require extra shipping. Most items fit, butitems like drain pans will not. If you have any questions feel free to email: [email protected]
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