1. Galaxy

    Because I'm short: Mister to dripper connection?

    So, I was wondering if anyone has attempted this before, attaching part of a mistking system to a Big Dripper so one doesn't have to constantly refill it? With the new cage on the table we're currently using, I'm going to have to get a step ladder or something since there's no way I'll be able...
  2. summoner12

    AquaZamp - Labor Day Sale

    AquaZamp Labor Day sale! Save this week and next week with supperior quality and superior service from AquaZamp! Purchase a Premium RainDome System or Premium Mist System and receive free shipping* of these systems to the continental USA. Purchase a Premium LowProfile RainDome System...
  3. Lathis

    Eliminating dripper use - Jacksons Cham?

    I am seriously considering eliminating using a dripper for my Jackson's cham. I have a MistKing (which I love) set up for regular automated mistings. I aimed the MistKing so that about half the mist shoots free and the other half hits a big plant (for runoff). My Jax is a good drinker, and...
  4. B

    Should you leave your dripper on at night incase your cham wakes up for a drink?

    Do chameleons get up at night for a drink? What i am trying to say is would it be worth leaving the dripper on really slowly incase the chameleon wants to get up for a drink. I wouldn't like it to go thirsty. I have heard that leaving water in the cage at night is bad but can you please give me...
  5. sandrachameleon

    Hydration, the Importance of

    Please let me know what you think of this blog entry: https://www.chameleonforums.com/blogs/sandrachameleon/92-hydration-importance.html I am updating my "how to care for your chameleon" handout I give to new owners of chameleons I sell. The blog entry essentially is what I've now got in the...
  6. side dripper

    side dripper

    overall pic of dripper.14" tall & 4 1/4" wide(w/o the valve) holds 3/4 gal i can make it smaller or bigger to hold up to 1 gal they include brass needle valve and up to 3' of tubing please ask any questions.(payments via paypal only)
  7. topd ripper

    topd ripper

    this is a pic of the top grate on the dripper
  8. dripper


    this is the bottom of hte dripper that i am selling
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