Eliminating dripper use - Jacksons Cham?


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I am seriously considering eliminating using a dripper for my Jackson's cham. I have a MistKing (which I love) set up for regular automated mistings. I aimed the MistKing so that about half the mist shoots free and the other half hits a big plant (for runoff). My Jax is a good drinker, and his urates are always nice and white.

I like the dripper because he always has access to water, but having it drip all the time never lets the bottom of my cage completely dry out (I do have a drainage system). Plus, since my new cage is 7-1/2 feet tall, getting the dripper in place is a giant PIMA.

Misting schedule (every 2-1/2 hours):

8:00 AM - 10 minutes
10:30 AM - 5 minutes
1:00 PM - 5 minutes
3:30 PM - 10 minutes
6:00 PM - 5 minutes

During the summer, the mistking and the plants (and the freakish Midwest weather) keep the humidity right about where it should be. I do give the plants extra water so they don't die.

Any thoughts from other montane keepers? I worry about depriving my Jax of easy access to water...on the other hand, I feel like his misting schedule should be plenty. I have read other posts where people discuss using one over the other, but I want a sanity check from experienced keepers before I nix the dripper entirely.

Right now, we are enjoying an unseasonably cool July morning in the sunshine :)
Here I am fretting for nothing :D I'll give it a try and monitor him for a few weeks to make sure nothing changes.

Thanks, all!
Maybe my chameleon isn't the brightest xanth in the cage... But I have called an end to this experiment.

After 1 week of only using the mistking at the times listed above, I noted a sharp increase in what I interpret as a signal for help - Ferdie would smack his chops when I approached the enclosure, begging for water. He would then guzzle from the hand sprayer. I increased the long mistings to 15 mins and added a misting at 7AM for the next week, with still the same issue.

I see him drink off plant leaves regularly, and his urates have been fine. He just acts so thirsty. He was never that way before I removed the dripper.

As of tomorrow, I will be returning to the old misting schedule shown above, returning the dripper to regular use, and hand spraying for his morning shower.

Just an update. Thanks for everyone's advice!
Some pets prefer certain things lol. My cat prefers drinking out of our cups no matter what's in there. She hates water out of the water bowl! Stubborn and spoiled pets!
I totally understand you wanting to get rid of the dripper - I just now saw your post - but for my Jax, they ALL sit under that dripper and just let the water drip all day on them - the panthers - act like it has acid in it - :p and I never see them just sit under the drips - I also have a mist king - and run both - I also , like you- have a tall shelf I can not reach w/ out a stool to fill my main jug- but it holds 2 gal, and feeds 4 cages - if you figure an easy way to reach it - let me know :p ;)
Try pting a small bowl under dripper to catch water! Just make sure bowl is small enough so cham won't sink and to help put a stick in to climb out if he falls! This way he can have what he loves and just drop mistings down to twice a day!? 8)
That's so weird, all of mine would prefer the Mistking to the dripper any day! But they definitely all have their preferences, so what can you do lol.
I agree. If he prefers the dripper, maybe stick to it?

I put one of those 32 oz insect cups in the bottom of the enclosure with a screen lid on it. Water goes in, cham can't and I dump it out when it get's 2/3rd full. I do a slower drip for him because he's a slow drinker.
Ferdinand is definitely our little "princess, and his Highness gets what he wants :D

The MistKing is great to keep the humidity up and plants happy, but he really seems to prefer the dripper and hand sprayer. I don't mind at all - I actually like hand spraying him in the morning. It's a good bonding moment.

I'm going to do some cage remodeling next week - heavy cleaning, installing a background, and making improvements to the drainage tray. That should clear up my puddling issue. I'm considering how to mount the Little Dripper inside the cage where I can reach it instead of balancing it precariously on the top while standing on the topmost rung of of the step ladder... I'm sooooo short! I also need to adjust my feeder cup design.
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