1. JosieJobo

    Finally drinking!

    My 7 months old panther Diesel I hadn't never seen drinking for months latly I changed his enclosure and put the fogger on top of the mesh blowing down, one morning I noticed that he licks the drips from the mesh after about a week I realised he dose this every morning! yesterday I went and got...
  2. ubhuti

    Signs of Dehydration/Hydration

    What are the specific signs of a hydrated vs dehydrated chameleon? How can I confirm that my chameleon has adequate water in his system? Thanks in advance.
  3. OfficialChameleon

    HELP!! Chameleon scared of dripper

    My veiled chameleon is terrified of the dripper, I will fill it up with warm water and let it drip on a hibiscus leaf by him, and he will watch the water look like he's about to drink.....l then rush down the tree... He eats A LOT of leaves , I believe he's dehydrated. I sit there watching him...
  4. E

    I wish I'd just gone to the vet!!

    Hi, my Pather Chameleon (Razor) had to be put to sleep yesterday. He was only 3 and a half but got a prolapsed bowel. I tried to treat it with tamodine, warm sugar baths etc for 4 days. I only brought him to the vet when his eyes started to sink in. I really wish I had brought him to the vet on...
  5. lizzleberry

    basking chameleon

    hello (again) just wondering if it is normal for a chameleon to close his eyes whilst basking? pascal has been basking basically all day, he started out a very dark green almost black color, and now is just dark green and stripey, hes sitting kinda tilting one way and switches over every so...
  6. Echoezra

    Check him out, especially eyes - look dehydrated at all?

    Tell me what you think, about how he's looking? Health-wise I mean, not just pretty colours. Although I do like his colours. Still a little concerned about dehydration, misting numerous times a day, and feeding hornworms & got him to start taking smaller silkworms also, so lots of juicy...
  7. Echoezra

    New pics of Zaphod, my Nosy Mitsio, approx 11 months old

    Here's a couple pics of Zaphod. He's a son of Chameleon Nation's Mufasa & Lexus, & a grandson of Screameleons' GT3. I took like 20 pictures, but all in the same position, lol, He still doesn't like to be held, so I just kind of have to freeze in one position, or else he tries to climb onto my...
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