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My panther chameleon is 6 months old and he has started sheading in the last couple of hours but he seems grumpy and hissing at me and he hasnt eaten today well apart from 2 mil worm is this normal wen goin through the shreadin process
Usually chameleons are known to get a little grumpy during shedding.

The not eating and hissing is normal.

Just wait until he is done shedding and he will be very hungry :p
Oh good...shall i still put food in for him or not...i think it best if i leave him whilst he is shedding and just open cage to mist :)
I defiantly wouldn't test him :p, but I like to at least offer mine a couple worms (something easy to take out if he doesn't eat them) so if he does decide he's hungry, he can still eat. :)
Lights stay the same.

As for worms, it depends on the kind. Mealworms and wax worms are treats. Phoenix, horn, silk, and sometimes king worms can be fed on a more regular basis. :)

Something that might be useful to both you and your cham; keep the humidity up! It helps them shed more quickly. :)
Ok then i have been misting his tank more often tofay, he started shreffing about 5 hours ago and all he has left to shed is his tail and leg. Its so amazing seein them shed and wat they do to get it of
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