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Hey guys need some help, one of my hatchlings doesnt look to well. Hes gone a different (darker) colour and is shivering every now and again.

I currently have them in an open top tub with a plant feed them pin heads which they have all been eating with gusto with calcium and multi vite supps. Linear 5.0UVB plus a halogen lamp to 90-85F in the basking spot.

I hand mist several times daily.

Any ideas what this might be caused from? Hes has been one of the strongest feeders and most active with all health being normal as of yesterday.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Get it outdoors for natural UVB imo.
Can you take some video of it 'shivering'?
This is unusual and all I can think of is tremors associated with MBD.
This may not be the case but we need lots of information ok.

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Pictures are helpful
Ill try and get some video of him.

He seems normal when on the move but shivers/shudders at rest. He is still feeding so has an appetite and still reacts normally to everything else and stools are normal with white urea.

I dont think its MBD I supplement both with and without D3 calcium and also have herpetivite multivites. Crickets gutloaded with carrots, spinach, dandelions and fish food.
Ive only used spinach once but I think Broccili is bad.

After the initital few times he did it less and less today and has been running around like normal and feeding no problems. The only difference is he is extremely angry towards the other hatchlings and normally where he would run up my finger today he is just angry with me..

No idea but I will keep you all posted
It might be a good idea to move it into a separate cage if its reacting to the other hatchlings and "shivering".
Spinach and brocoli are both bad as they have high oxalate levels that interfere with calcium absorption. Check the link in my signature to see more nutritional info on fruits and veggies.

If he is "angry" at the other hatchlings he needs to be separated. Stress is not good for them.
Thanks for the responses guys. No more spinach from now on.

Woke up today and looked at him and he is back to his normal colouration and no more shivering:confused:

Guess I will just have to keep an eye on him and go from there...

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