Seagram settles in


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Seagram settles in.. Baby panther pics

Seagram arrived last week and I've been letting him get acclimated. He is loving his big cage and I see him take full advantage of the space. Never even climbs on the screen. Basking spots seem to suit him well also as he has a few he regularly stretches out and blackens up. So far he has been drinking plenty of water as I have witnessed him licking the leaves. Seems to be eating well as I have examined several little poops and they are good sized with a bright white urate. I have been hand feeding at least 3-5 crickets a day and there are plenty more put into his feeder for him. And he has already had one shed since we got him on Wednesday.

Here's just a couple of pics I snapped on my phone. He doesn't like the regular camera very much and the gopro gets him a little confrontational too. Ill have a video or two of me hand feeding also soon




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