Scared for my new chameleon


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I just brought a new chameleon home today and he only ate two crickets and is just sitting in the corner of his cage! Can't post picks but he is about two inches long (not including tail) and a light greens and sleeps a lot. No amount of research could have prepared me or this. Is he sick?
If you just got him home today! Relax! He's more nervous about his new enviorment than you are! Mine didn't even eat for 2 days, so just the fact yours ate two crickets is awesome! I would recomend not trying to handle him for several days, let him get happy and relaxed :)
It's very normal for them to be stressed for a while. Mine didnt eat for a week after bringing him home. He's going through a lot being in a new environment. Just make sure he's in a low traffic area of your house, and he will adjust. Takes some time :)
It normally takes them a while to get acclimated to their new home. And to get used to you. I suggest cup feeding at first. That's what I did when I first got mine. I offer him crickets with it and if he won't eat I just left the cup in his enclosure. It's good because you can monitor how much he eats like that. Then I eventually moved to hand feeding him and letting some crickets free range in his enclosure so he can hunt. But give him a few days to get used to his new surrounding. Just have crickets readily available for him.

Best of luck on the new cham.
Hi welcome to the forum. You will find lots of people more than willing to help. Now about your Cham, what kind of Cham do you have? I would make sure he has the right temps and humidity. Also give him lots of greenery to hide in, and lots of sticks going all directions for highway so he can travel.:) you do have a UVB light on his cage don't you? If you do all that and mist him several times a day, he will settle in within a week or so. His whole world just changed so he has to adjust and get comfortable.

If you need more help, or are like me, and need reassurance just come on back, we are always here.:(
Well, it is not normal to sleep during the day. We need more info to help as it could be something that is causing this in your care, or it could be that it had an issue becore you got it (in which case, you should talk to whoever you got it from and get a replacement or work out some sort of deal if it doesnt improve quickly.)
Thank you all and i will keep you posted! He (or she) is sleeping fine right now and ate four more crickets. He turned black again today but i added moss to keep the humidity up. and also are black stripes normal on 6-8 week olds?
What kind of Chameleon? How long does he spend sleeping, is it during the day?

Welcome to the forum, of course!
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