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I will be moving from LA to Texas in the next week. I need to drive out there this weekend I was wondering if any one has traveled 10 hours with a Cham. in the car? If so any ideas on how to make this trip less stressful for my 1 yr. old Veiled female......
Hi all

Not posted for a while now due to a house move, anyway i have found large tropical fish containers (ones made of pollystrien not sure of spelling) to be fine for long journeys in the car i have driven from germany to spain a few times now and have had no deaths just make sure its well ventelated and has a few twigs in it
That is a looooong road trip. After a few hours I usually start freaking out :p Your chameleon may get bored... I recommend a good audio book.
Keep it simple: Cardboard box stuffed with newspapers or paper
towels, crumpled up, kept in a cool, dark spot - away from windows
and sunlight. If they can't see out, they spend most of the time doing
nothing but sleeping and sitting still.

If you box them up in something see-through (clear plastic, or a cricket
box with screen), they'll spend the entire 10 hours trying to escape, and
will emerge with bruised snouts.
Uhhhh.... just put it in the bottom of a pillow case, with the top tide off a few inches above the chameleon. stuff a box with newspaper, and put in the chameleon in the bag. Place it in a shaded part of the car.

This is how chameleons are shipped, and it has Very little stress for them. They go dormant usually. No need to disturb them during the trip either.

I wouldnt do it any other way.
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