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I was wondering if this is the right product that I need to dust my crickets (daily) for my veiled chameleon. Here is a link..

Also, I have been told to use this twice a month..

Can someone please review these products and provide a response to whether I should follow that routine or not. If not, please provide an alternate one with links to the direct product. Also, any additional information would be greatly appreciated. As always, thanks so much for all the help!



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yes, that calcium plus link is the correct one. i use it daily for all my panthers and haven't had any issues. i don't use the minerall or any other supplement and only use the calcium plus. hope this helps.


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I don't use anything else to supplement with, just the Calcium Plus. It already has beta carotene and D3 in it. I don't use Miner-all so I'm not sure what it's properties are. But Repashy's Calcium Plus has low amounts of D3 and Multivitamin supps, along with calcium. So you don't want to overdue it. Because it is so low, you can lightly dust the feeders everyday, or every other day. It's however you like to do it, and it also depends on your species.

I'm sure some other members can chime in and let you know how they supplement. I know a ton of people (including myself) have switched over to Calcium Plus. I own a Veiled, I haven't seen any bad results. I feel he is more balanced and it makes things easier for me. I bought a big bag, which I keep in the refrigerator so it stays fresh. It would seriously forever. And it smells like a strawberry/banana smoothie. I would recommend it to anyone, especially new owners. It's on my top 5 best purchase list.

How old is your Cham, and which species is he/she? That will help everyone to give you recommendations on what to buy and how often to use it.


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The first link is correct for the Repashy Cal Plus.. And it is a Daily and can/should be used alone. (to avoid possible over supplementing)
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