1. R

    Bug burger

    Hey guys Just recently bought repashys bug burger, it has been something I have been eyeballing for a while to make gut loading much easier for me and I have just tried making my first batch and I'm not sure if I have done it right/got the consistency right. I generally tried following the...
  2. ReptiGeek

    Just picked these up. Opinions?

    Alright so I have been doing this routine supplement schedule: -Calcium every day -Multivitamins twice a month -Calcium w/ D3 twice a month The multivitamins I was using were completely shunned by Gizmo (veiled chameleon). He refuses to eat his grubs when it's MV day. So I went out and...
  3. ReptiGeek

    Vancouver, BC- Where to buy?

    A lot of people on Cham. Forums seem to live in the states, and those who live in Canada seem to be back east! Which is proving really difficult for me to find places to purchase necessities. I've searched the site for where people buy their Repashy supplements in the greater vancouver area and...
  4. blackened

    Repashy calcium plus vs seperate supplements

    Hi everyone, Currently we are using exo terra calcium, exo terra calcium d3 & Komodo multivitamin in the advised schedule for a veiled chameleon. However, I see quite a few people using repashy calcium plus on here including quite a few trusted members. I'm wondering if anyone knows any...
  5. SamW

    Repashy Calcium Plus

    Hello, I was wondering if this is the right product that I need to dust my crickets (daily) for my veiled chameleon. Here is a link.. Also, I have been told to use this twice a month...
  6. kwilkens14

    Phoenix worms as a staple diet?

    I have an ambilobe just short of 4 months old. The petsmart and petco here in Denver have the sketchiest insect set ups that I've ever seen. I bough a pack of 30 from them and gave them bug burger and flukers cricket quencher, and over night 25 of them died. :mad: I've seen people on here say...
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