Tail Problem

Hi all just wanted to give an update. I've been able to get him to eat some over the last few days and have been giving him medicine per the schedule. The spot has a deviation in it which doesn't look great but I'm assuming is better than being full of pus. The tail is still pretty black in the tail beyond that spot and he is still relatively lethargic and closing his eyes for a good amount of the day. Overall his body color has mostly returned and he seems to be doing a bit better.
Is the area on the tail an open wound or did the vet close it? Did the vet prescribe any antibiotic cream like silver sulfadiazine to apply to the spot? Do you have a follow up visit? I would call my vet and just let them know about his eyes being closed and being lethargic and ask if this is normal for having been on the antibiotic this long. Always better to play it safe.
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