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I am using a peice of furniture for building my Jackson a cage. The inside dimensions with the way I am going to use it will be 18"x20"x36". I posted some pictures of the peice. First is of the front, then side and the a picture of the aggravated chameleon I am building it for.

project 001.jpg project 002.jpg project 004.jpg

Should be able to finish this in the coming week. I figured I could track my progress on here and hopefully it can help someone to get ideas. Of course I still may need help too.
looks like it shoud be very nic e

Hey the frame looks very nice! Where did you acquire such? What brand is it? Have you finished it yet? I would love to see the finished product!
are jacksons smaller than veilds? After I move my veiled to her new cage I'll have an empty 12"x36"x26" empty cage soon. Is that big enough for a full grown jackson? Or what else can I put in it?
My girlfriend has lived in Hawaii her whole life and she said she has seen them as big a 12 inches. I dont know if that is as big as they get but maybe that can give you a bit of an idea.
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