Please help me decide dragon stand or tamura designs


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Hello, I’m about to make my big purchase and I was dead set on buying two 2x2x4 drangon stand hybrid cages for my panthers that will be ready for an update with in the next two months tops. But then I came across tamura designs on Instagram and it’s basically everything the drangon stand is but with a beautiful furniture build and a space to keep tanks as one but separated so each Cham would still get 2x2x4 in size just with an spacer in the middle. Any advice and feedback I’d love thank you!!!!


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Personally I like the tamura designs cages a lot. I like that I’d doesn’t give off that enclosure feeling and looks more like a display case


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I have dragon strand hybrid enclosures and love them. However the drip tray is harder to pull water out of because you need to either install a drain or wet vac it. But I do like that the bottom service door is screen so you really get the chimney effect with air flow. I will say they have held up for me and I have had no issue with them other than hating having to wet vac them.

The Tamura designs cages are beautiful and I love the drainage... What I do not like is if you need to block the sides that have screen with the other solid panel you loose your air flow. Something to consider if your getting multiple enclosures. I wish his offered a bottom front section that was screen. I did recently see where he designed a 4x2x4 that was divided in the middle for two chams... I loved that one but again you have to use the screen on the sides to get the air flow.
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