Experienced keeper who is getting back into the game. Absolutely cannot make my mind up on species. Building enclosure today! Help me pick?

Unfortunately college caused me to get rid of my animal collection. Me and the gf are getting an apartment this semester and she loves chams. Building 2 display tanks our place. One is a bio active Pygmy terrarium and one will be for the Cham you guys hopefully help me decide on. I’ve had veileds, panthers, and a couple Jackson’s since I was a kid. Time to go outside the box and get something unique. I CANNOT make my mind up on species but have narrowed down the list quite a bit. Impulse buys are frowned upon with these animals I know, however think of this as more of an overexcited keeper finally being able to get back into the hobby I love. After the species is decided I will buy the animals and have the company hold them until I’m ready for them and completely studied up on their requirements. I’m buying a pair of whatever species I decide on and plan to build the appropriate sized enclosure. Both enclosures will be built as one with a divider between the two to reduce stress and in no way am I planning to cohab.
I’m interested in dwarf Fischer’s. There are 2 common species and either is fine
Kinyongia tavetana
Kinyongia boehmei- sometimes called Böhme's Two-horned Chameleon.

Trioceros hoehnelli- a very unique looker

Chamaeleo melleri- fully prepared to deal with size requirements and know their care.

Calumma brevicorne- all around variable and super pretty Cham. Not a ton of info around but they seem doable.

Furcifer antimena- a Madagascar species of the paddle nose variety. They look like if a Fischer and a panther got it on. Info is a bit scarce however they’re said to be difficult to breed but take well to a captive lifestyle (words of several members on this forum who own this beautiful species)

(Trioceros) jacksonii jacksonii- unfortunately listed by many these days as the rainbow Jackson’s chameleon. However this is the true Jackson’s and they are said to be just as hardy as a typical Jackson’s. Plus! They’re beautiful and the females have an amazing pattern and grow a horn of their own. Website is selling them in singles or as pairs with a Gravid female. This is one of the websites listing them as rainbow Jackson’s so I will definitely have to call and verify I’m getting what I want.

Furcifer verrucosus- another Madagascar chameleon. Quite a bit of info on these guys and care seems very manageable. They seem to do well in a captive setting. I’m prepared to provide the space needed. Beautiful and prehistoric looking species.

Conclusion- here’s the species I’m interested in. I feel confident in my ability to care for any of these. I would be more than happy with any of them but just figured I’d come here to hear stories of experience or possibly an opinion on what I should or shouldn’t go for. Once again experience level isn’t an issue however I’d like to hear what you guys have to say. Hopefully I get some responses before I make it to Home Depot and get the supplies to build their cage. I’m new here so I apologize if this type of post is annoying. If I’m not able to come up with a decision based on yalls opinions and guidance I will likely just buy the best bloodline panther I can afford. Hope to hear back from some of you soon!
Where did you find some of these? Because I only know of one site with some of these listed for sale and when I inquired about them I was told they were out of stock and the she was not updated.
To be fair I will gladly share after I order!! No offense
I'd just try to get CB, unless you plan to breed. Many of these species struggle as WC's which you're probably aware of. A lot of info has changed over the past few years too, what we knew 5/10+ years ago isn't the same as now. So if you are getting WC, might be a good idea to check out the latest info from strand, necas, etc. Will probably have better luck with them if you do!

Out of those I love the melleri, if you can give them the small room they need that would he a cool species. I believe a guy in california breeds them too which is a huge bonus!
To be fair I will gladly share after I order!! No offense
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Owning a Boehmei, per accident, for almost a week now and if you get the opportunity for one, I‘d go for it. They’re are really special in behavior and if you put them in large enclosure, you can build such amazing micro tropical forest. Because they’re so small and lightweight, they climb on everything from small leaves till big branches. This gives tons of building opportunities.
For the second cage I‘d go for a larger specie. However though decision!
I would go either of this,
I been searching for any of those species CB and no luck
  1. Trioceros ellioti
  2. Calumma nasutum
  3. Calumma oshaughnessyi
  4. Furcifer petteri
  5. Brookesia brygooi
Just my two cents since you have been out of the hobby. I do not think @Chase wanted to go buy up the chams you are interested in. More so checking to make sure your not going through a bad seller. There are quite a few now that sell sick wild caught chams.
No I wasn’t going to buy them up.

The site I’m thinking they are referring to would be a bad place to purchase a chameleon, and I was just curious as some of these species have not been imported in a while
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