Picasso turns one today!


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Didn't know if my boy would see one year after his tongue trauma on Christmas day, but he has and today, happy hatch-day, I do so love this boy!

Picasso turns one 002.jpg

Carrie Anne

Happy Birthday Picasso!!! Today certainly is a extra special day for him. He looks amazing and i am so happy that he is doing great. Give Picasso a little extra birthday rub under the chin for me he deserves it :)


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Happy Hatchday!! :) He looks great! ;)

I am a bit envious of you guys that know the hatchday of your chams :) Mine came from a friend, who got it in a petshop, so I don't know, when he hatched and only approximately know his age.

little leaf

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Olive, Oliver, and the pits all say ....Happy Birthday Buddy - what a year you have had !!
such a handsome guy you are Picasso, we all love you !!! :D :D :D best wishes for a great Birthday
can't wait to see you on your 2nd Birthday :)
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