Petco 1 per gallon sale!

Thanks I been waiting on that sale to come back around.its salt water reef time :D or new snake time....or freshwater fish time...or something time... you can't beat a dollar per gallon on fish tanks lol

You know what time it is? It's ADVENTURE TIME!!!

Do you still get the 5% discount for PALS card even if it's on sale.

no you dont get 5% off with a petco card. They dont work like that, you have a 100 dollar limit so when u spend 100 you get $5 "reward dollars" which can be stacked so u can use more than one at a time but the do expire. Certain items are discounted with a pals price for example science diet dog food may be marked at 49.95/39.95 with pals so you get it at the lower price by using your card. The tank sale is the same way, 40 gallon breeder tank is $119 but with a pals card its $40. So if you have say $20 in rewards dollars you can use all 20 towards a purchase so the 40 breeder for $40 would be $20 if you use the $20 in rewards dollars. I used to work at petco till I had to move a couple months ago
Aww snap! Just picked up a 40 Gallon. They are only offering the promo on 10, 29, and 40 gallon tanks. Its Pygmy Chameleon Time!

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