Panther color variations


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I'm considering getting a panther chameleon and am trying to decide what locale to get. I really like the vibrant reds and yellows. Any suggestions? Feel free to post picks, but you gotta tell me what locale!


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You'll probably like a red bar ambilobe. Or a nosy mitsio.
Check out Chameleon Nation & Chroma Chameleons - they're both Canadian panther breeders.
But I'm going to reiterate the warnings from your other thread - for a big beautiful panther boy, you're going to need the BIGGEST SCREEN cage. And only one can live in there. The excuse behjnd some people from certain climates using glass enclosures is humidity. And when we say dont use glass, we dont mean all glass, we mean even glass tanks with screen lids. There are ways around humidity with screen cages, so it's usually better to start with screen and adjust accordingly rather than assuming anything north of Florida means glass is approved. There's just more trouble involved with drainage and humidity (too much can be bad too) If lack of humidity gets to be an issuewith screen, you can hang some shower curtain or something on some of the sides, and get a room humidifier.
Please don't use that glass one, and please don't use the waterfall. Seriously.
They're way too awesome to take chances with, and things can go wrong even
in perfect conditions so it's a bad idea to start them off with disadvantages.

Yes you'll always find some people who use Non-standard items, but usually those people have years of experience behind them and much keener observational skills than us beginners, to recognize problems before they

If you really want to combine smaller glass and multiple chameleons, the only
kind you ever hear of that working successfully with is pygmies.
But I don't know much about them, so I won't attempt to advise there, but you won't get the colours you're after. I also feel that dealing with multiples has to be even harder with needing experienced observational skills, cause you can't even rely on who ate what & who's poop is that..
Good luck with whatever you end up getting.

I will say one more advantage to screen above glass is that screen can be multi-functional for taking them outside for some real sunshine on warm days. Can't do that with glass - they'll cook.
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