Our Baby Veiled Chameleon Won't Eat


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Chameleon Info:
Veiled, Male, 1 Month Old, 3 Days in our care. We named him Spock.

We have only handled him for cage maintenance and during our feeding attempts. Maybe 5-6 total movements.

Small Crickets, 1 at a time, 2 times a day. We feed the crickets asparagus.

We haven't tried this option yet.

We use a dripper and also have a small reserve bowl of water. We mist the habitat 3 times a day until the humidity is around 65-75. We've only seen him drinking once but there are plenty of dew drops available and the dripper is set up near his basking area.

Haven't seen his dookie yet. To our knowledge he has not been tested for parasites.

He was purchased from a Petsmart and we were told he had been eating these small crickets 1-2 times a day. When we were bringing him home to his new habitat he was a darker color during the transition and probably stressed. Since then he has been light green. He keeps his eyes slightly open during the day and really doesn't move that often unless we're misting the cage. When he does move he barely opens his eyes and reaches blindly into the air often grabbing at nothing. We've tried hand feeding, tong feeding, and have even left crickets on branches right in front of him. He simply won't eat and now that we're on day 3 of his hunger strike there's concern for the safety of this beautiful little guy.

Cage Info:
18x18x24 Glass/Screen Combo

UVA is 30 Watts and we also have a 75 Watt just in case we need it.
UVB is an 18", 15 Watt, Desert 50 T8.
12 Hours from 7:30am-7:30pm with the lights on. 12 hours with them off.

Temperature and Humidity:
Temperature at 80 during the day and 65 at night. Humidity stays between 65-75 during the day and 50 at night. We use a temperature and humidity gauge to measure.

No live plants but there are plenty of climbing and hiding opportunities. We really decked out his cage with a lot of fake plants to climb on.

Top of the cage is 55 inches from the floor. No air vents.

Wasatch Mountain Range in Park City, UT.

Current Problem:
He's not eating. We've only seen him drink once. He keeps his eyes partially open.


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Hey there! Firstly I would recommend feeding more than a single cricket at a go, try putting a dozen or so in a cup, at this age they should be eating as much as they want/can. Secondly every feeding should be calcium dusted w/o d3 and w d3 twice a month along with multi vits. Thirdly maybe u could try raising the basking temps about 5 degrees or so, it may help! Just my 2 cents worth


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This happened to my little girl. If he'll open his eyes enough to hunt, you might want to try flightless fruit flies. Also, Zilla makes a product called JumpStart that is an appetite stimulant/caloric supplement. I thought it worked pretty well, but I don't have much experience. I hope this might help you out though! Good luck!


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should be using a tropical uvb also, the desert might be putting out too much uvb,

hes probably still adjusting, when i bought mine from petsmart she was nice there and when i took her home she was hissing, not eating and brown for a day or 2.

then out of no where she gobbled up 2 dozen crickets


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Hello and welcome!

Are you sure of his age? 1 month is very young to be sold. Even at the chain stores I have not seen them sold this young. Pictures always help too:). When chams are this young they are very sensitive and have been know to die easily and without warning. Eyes slightly closed is not the best sign. As previously stated you need to feed much much more. At 2 months my veild was eating between 20-30 crickets a day. I could not buy them fast enough. He also needs fluids. A good method is dripping some water on the tip of his nose and see if he will drink that way. In my experience, veilds don't drink as much as other species and I rarely see mine drink too but his poo is always white and brown, which is how you know the are hydrated. Keep us posted on his health, hope this helps


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Not eating right away can be normal. Some do right away and others take longer to adjust to the new surroundings. Closing of the eyes is not normal in any way and that needs to be addressed. I would take back the desert bulb and get the 5.0 tropical. The linear type if possible. If you can get him outside for some natural sun that would be great. It is very benefical for them. Make sure he is guarded from prey animals such as birds and has shade to cool off.


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Ok good, I like the ideas guys. We'll have to get those supplements to our little champ and fast! And flightless fruit flies? Genius! Tropical on that UVB, brilliant stuff there "chnk". If anyone else has some thoughts they'd like to bounce off us we'd love it. It's our first time.


If you post some pictures of both your cham and the crickets you're trying to feed him, that will help a lot. Remember, a feeder should not be any bigger than the width of his mouth.

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If you have or can make a bug net. I would go somewhere without pesticides and try sweeping it along the grass, should be loads of small green bugs with wings. Free and little ones seem to love em.
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