Orlando Reptile Show Pics From Today


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I had a really great time at the show today visiting with friends and looking at the reptiles. I left with 3 pounds of dry gutload and that was it. I also got to see two of the Luie and Camille kids. :D

Dr. Alfonso's table is always a hot spot.

I loved the Rhino Iguana



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Cool pics Jann! I loved the Chameleons and the Peninsular Cooters :) I plan to get some this february! I can't wait to actually go to my very first reptile show!


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More Show pictures

Dez and Jason (from the forums) had one of the nicest tables there with some gorgeous panthers and veileds.

Dez's handsome boy Little Clown

Baby veiled

This is Anna, Dez's Luie & Camille beauty showing off her blues. She's as gorgeous as her mama. :)

This is gorgeous little Nui, Shauna (forums member) Luie and Camille kid. She was the runt in the clutch but she's growing, starting to get her colors and looking great.

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thanks for sharing jann!! makes me wish i could check out some on that side of the country!! =)


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Awe Little Clown looks great! What great pictures. I saved them to my computer.

I really like those little green snakes , too cool.

Jason and I ended up taking home a pair of Crested Chameleons. They looked a little rough..as wc do. We put them in the shower as soon as we got home for about 30 minutes and they drank and drank and drank.


Amazing! Thanks for sharing. :) Little Clown is :eek:!!!

I thought the rhino iguanas were komodo dragons at first lol.

Cute turtles too, I take care of 10 different species myself. I hardly see any turtles at reptile shows though. :(


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Are those WC chameleons from First Choice? I was thinking about ordering some, how did most of them look?
Which species were you thinking about? The quadricornis looked the best, and were the most active. The montiums were more active, but all were showing stress colors, they were in the same enclosure with the cristatus. The Cristatus didn't move too much, and looked the most banged up. Although, there was one HUGE female in there, I assume she was gravid. She was active, probably looking for a nesting sight.

@Jann, looks like you had fun! I know I did! :D:rolleyes:
@Trialsallday, the Melleri were fresh imports. So WC, but very young. For the most part, looked very good. I assume that getting a smaller one is easier to acclimate? At least that is what I have witnessed with the specimens I have acclimated.
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