Ordered my Chams of Madagascar DVD! Cheeya!


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Just ordered "The Chameleons Of Madagascar" DVD, and needless to say, I am effin STOKED! Cannot wait to watch it, I even expedited the shipping LOL. I have no patience when it comes to this one.

Im sure it is going to be absolutely breathtaking.
I actually saw that for sale on Amazon....thought about getting it. I would love to have something like that in blu ray.

Also, should I got a confirmation email on my shipment of Chams of Madagascar? Havent heard anything yet :(
Yeah I agree! I have Planet Earth on blu ray with David narrating it, and it wouldnt be the same without him. Even my 3 year old enjoyed it.
I have the DVD. Its pretty darn cool but I am still waiting until there is a Chameleons of Africa video!!! Hands down more cooler species in Africa:cool:
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