Male Nosey Be Panther and Enclosure FREE to the BEST Home


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Here’s your chance to prove you’re the best chameleon adopter in the northeast! If you are in the Philadelphia area and want to adopt a beautiful male Nosey Be Panther chameleon, complete with his XL Reptibreeze enclosure, dual Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED lights, Arcadia 6% UVB T5 fixture, live pothos and aglaonema, and river birch branches, let me know your qualifications. If you’re a good fit, he’s yours.

Jack is a big boy so I would prefer not to ship him. But if you’re a top tier Cham keeper we can ship him.

I rescued this guy from a local reptile and plant store that went out of business last year. I didnt want to rehome him until I was absolutely sure he was healthy. Well… he is!! I first named him Oliver, then Marley, then he finally became Captain Jack and it stuck.

Jack was malnourished, injured, and his eyes didn’t open and close properly. His right eye stayed shut longer than the left and he looked like a one-eyed pirate, hence the name. His eyes now function beautifully and his turrets are full and healthy. Jack’s tongue doesn’t shoot straight but he eats A LOT with cup feeding and a shooting gallery. Jack will break your bank if you feed him as much as he wants.

Let me know if you’re around Philly and what your experience is with chams. He’s not going to a first time cham owner. He does not like to be hand held but he can be coerced onto a stick and you can hold the stick just fine. Jack will eat bugs out of an open palm or if you quickly stick a cricket or super worm onto his slowly extending tongue, that’ll work too. Jack WILL bite you if you try to say oooo Jack you’re so cute and rub his little chin. Jack is only 1 and he’s sea foam blue when he’s happy or he’s a battle striped hell cat if you try to be lovey dovey.

Message me and let me know if you’re interested. I prefer not to ship him because I believe rehoming is less stressful when they go with the setup they’re accustomed to.


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