''orange crush'' tamatave


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Hello every one! Well here are some pictures of one of my Tamatave. ''Orange Crush'' Hope you guys like them.....


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absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE.....

in the panther locales, that is next on my wish list and his colors are awesome!!!!

found one recently i almost bought, i'm just trying to keep the obsession curbed till we get babies hatched and settled! lol.

but if he came up for sale in say, a minute, no doubt i'd buy him! ;)

awesome boy! =)

if you ever get babies from him, i hope i get a male , and call him "Orange Bang"!!!:p;):D:cool:
Wow! Thanks every one for the comments! Well this Big boy is a WC got him very young had to be around 5/6 months just like my lil WC Abanja. I've had him for a year so he should be 1 year and some thing months? Thanks again every one!!
Thanks every one for the comments!! I really appreciate it!! Working on some new pics. That will get posted soon! I'm looking for some girl friends for him so if any body has any let me know!! Thanks again every one!!!
the images look over saturated. to the point it looks fake.

IF those pics were doctored the Op did a fantastic job. Look at those pics again. The background wouldnt look normal if the colors were adjusted. Thats just a nice Tama. You really ought to watch out throwing around accusations like that without proof.
No the pictures weren't doctored! Nor the colors were adjusted they were taken with a good camera! Just got my cannon and pictured away! but I'll take it as a good complement! thanks Tex.!
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