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Hi just wondering if anyone can advise me, Bella is my female veiled cham she is about two and a half months old she has been great very friendly and a pleasure to have, but for some reason she suddenly has gone from friendly to snappy and hissing when i ask her to come out of her enclosure?
once out she is great happy to wander over us and watch what is going on and have a bit of food from our hands and a sunbathe in the window.
she is happy for my hand to go in to feed her but if i put my hand out for her to walk onto she flares her chin up and quickly snaps.
I am worried in case somthing is wrong has anyone got any advise please.
She sounds like most veileds to me. Both of my veileds have attude.My male is flat out nasty!! He will even come after me if im holding the female.My female hiss's a little but is fine once shes out of her cage.My panthers are very freindly,and much easyer to handle.
honestly all my chams act this way they do not like to be bothered in there cages. I would say this is very normal once they are out there very gentle and curious. I only have one male veiled that actually looks for attention comes out on his own and seeks attention from us. I wouldn't worry about this just be careful not to stress her when you do take her out and keep in mind veiled chams are aggressive by nature (not saying they all are) she is probably growing up and trying to show you who's boss LOL :)
thank you very much just don't want to do anything wrong but i do love her to come out and just wander on me.
Would you happen to know what different colours stand for i have been told by people it is her enviroment and others say mood??
nikkibella,my little guy was so very sweet,WAS he is growing up,all of a sudden one day he was this mean,snapping,hissing and lungging little monster! i was like..wth? but i have discovered since then that this is just the way most chams are,i was worried too but now i just accept him as he is ....a mean little shit head..but my love for him has grown and grown along with his attitude in my opinion your cham is just showin you his big brave and fiesty little long as nothing else has changed: fecal matter and eating/drinking habbits i think all is fine,have a great day with your mean little gaffer:)
there is a ton of good books on chams that can tell you a lot about there posture and colors
I think it's pretty standard that well the way i interpret it anyways, at first in a new place they're nervous and depending on the cage size and positioning especially, often come out of the cage anxiously (looking for a way to escape) so it seems like they really like you and are being friendly. Then after a while they realize there's not going to be an escape, so they're stuck there and finally claim that cage as their territory - so then they start to get defensive when they're in there. Once you get them out of their personal safe zone, they don't seem so aggressive because again they're not in familiar territory so are at the disadvantage right? so they seem more timid and agreeable once away from the cage.
So on the one hand, it can be good that she's getting defensive in the cage, because it means the cage is good enough to feel safe in and want to claim as hers and stay in it.
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