Nosy Faly, crosses, and everything in between


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warning: This thread is under special moderation. Abuse of the rules listed below will result in infractions.

The goal of this thread is to gain a visual representation of Nosy Faly in captivity today. Readers should not assume that every animal listed here is a pure locale. There will be crosses, whether labeled that way in this thread or not.

Posts may not contain any text except for the labels listed in the format section below. No further descriptions or comments of any kind are allowed and any post that breaks these rules will be deleted. Continued abuse of these rules will result in infractions.
1. One post per animal per 6 months.
2. One animal per post.
3. One post per member per day.
4. Posts should be made by the owner of the chameleon or with the owner's permission.

The name and sire labels are required.
name: (name - wc/ch/cbb)
source: (company name)
sire: (accepted format below)
dame: (accepted format below)
age: (at time of photo)
cross info: (optional for known crosses)

sire/dam: name - wc (import date, seller) |or|
sire/dam: name - ch (seller) |or|
sire/dam: name - cbb (breeder)

Please take your time while adding your chameleon. There is no hurry and only one post per animal per 6 months is allowed. If you share multiple photos add unique age labels where appropriate. The thread may be temporarily closed for moderation purposes.
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name: Sprinkles - cbb
source: Chameleon Company
sire: Iceman -- WC (Chameleon Company)
dame: Unknown
age: ~1 year

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Name: No name - cbb
Source: Max Huerter (Florida)
Sire: Iceman - wc (Chameleon Company)
Dame: unknown
Age: 2 Years

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Name: The Professor - wc
Source: ?
Sire: Unknown
Dame: Unknown
Imported: March 2011
Purchased: April 2011

april pics 008.jpg
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Name: Poseidon WC
Source: ?
Sire: Unknown WC
Dame: Unknown WC
Imported: March 2011
Purchased: March 2011
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Name: Dhaulagiri WC
Source: Charlie
Sire: Unknown WC
Dame: Unknown WC
Imported: Unknown but new import when purchased
Purchased: Jan 2012



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Name: Daedalus CBB
Source: The Chameleon Company
Sire: Iceman WC
Dame: Unknown WC
Age: 17 Months old
Cross info: Nosy Faly x Ambanja

Age: 12 Months old

Age: 2.5 Months old



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name: Thor, WC
source: Ralf Schifgens, Germany
sire: unknown
dame: unknown
age: +/- 1 year
imported: April 2012
purchased: April 2012



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name: Baby, CH
source: Chameleon Nation, Canada
sire: Apollo
dame: Nasa
age: +/- 10 months
purchased: September 2011

Name- Mr. Mojohnson, Sold listed as a Nosy Faly, possible cross IMO.
Source- Chameleons Northwest
Age- 6 months
Purchased- June 2012
Sire- unknown WC
Dame-Unknown WC
Current at 6 months
4 months
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