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    It's calendar time! We are now accepting entries for the 2018 chameleon calendar. Last year the community submitted and voted on some beautiful photos and the results were fantastic. We are hoping to create an even better calendar this year and need everyone's help to make that happen.

    Entry Deadline: September 19

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    1. Only two entries per member.
    2. Anything less than 2300x1800 will not be considered. Larger images preferred.
    3. Landscape orientation. Maximum resolution. No Humans.
    4. Please try to avoid compression artifacts and pixelation.
    5. Minor post processing is allowed if natural look maintained.
    6. All legal terms from the photo contest apply.

    General Info
    1. Text will be added to each calendar photo in order to identify the species and photographer. Chameleon names can also be added upon request.
    2. To help build a diverse calendar we will continue the process used last year and group entries into multiple categories. Some photo contest entries from the past will be included if needed. This means there will be multiple polls to determine the final content of the calendar. In addition to these categories there will also be a vote for the calendar cover.

    The top three entries from the calendar cover vote will receive a free calendar. All proceeds originating from calendar sales will go towards the cost of maintaining Chameleon Forums.

    How to Enter
    Members must own the full rights to any photo they submit for consideration to the 2018 calendar. Please note the size and resolution requirements above. This year we will be accepting entries by email only. You must include your username in the email. So that you know the status of your entry we will reply to let you know your photo has been received. If you do not get this reply within a couple days then your entry was not received and you should contact us.

    For the calendar we want natural looking high quality photos. Entries should be what one would expect from a store bought photo calendar. Veileds and panthers will probably be in the calendar a few times due to their captive populations. Keep in mind the calendar will try to show a variety of species. This means that entries representing more unique species will have a better chance of being included in the calendar. Previous photo contest entries that meet the calendar requirements may also be used. The rules and information listed here may change at any time.

    10th Year Anniversary
    This will be our 10th annual calendar! We may try to do something special this year in addition to the regular calendar. Entering your photos in their original high resolution format will give us the most options.
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  2. Brad

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    The polls are open:

    Veiled Chameleons - pick your favorite 2
    Panther Chameleons - pick your favorite 3
    Other Chameleon Species I - pick your favorite 2
    Other Chameleon Species II - pick your favorite 2

    The winning photo in each poll will be included in the calendar. Other photos that do well in the polls may be included as well. In addition to that, several favorites chosen by site staff from recent photo contests may also be added to the calendar.
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  3. Tattersb

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    Can you enter the calendar contest if you have won in the monthly contests?
  4. Brad

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    Yes :)
    Everyone is welcome to enter calendar photos.
  5. Tattersb

    Tattersb Avid Member

    That's music to my ears! :LOL:
  6. Davecameos

    Davecameos Avid Member

    Are we supposed to get an email confirming the entry? I sent two but I did not get confirmation. Thanks
  7. Miss Lily

    Miss Lily Chameleon Enthusiast

    Yes Brad usually emails to confirm! I had totally missed the calendar thread thus year, must get my entries together!
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  8. serenaj25

    serenaj25 Avid Member

    yes me too. I had sent 2 pictures but never got confirmation
  9. Brad

    Brad Administrator
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    It might take a few days to get a confirmation.
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  10. Miss Lily

    Miss Lily Chameleon Enthusiast

    I've sent an email too!
  11. Decadancin

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    Wish I could enter something, but my computer has evacuated for hurricane Irma, and I don't think it plans to come back.

    Stupid Windows update :mad:.
  12. serenaj25

    serenaj25 Avid Member

    hi! just want to confirm you got my submission since I never got confirmation. I sent it by email on Tuesday
  13. Brad

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    I have replied by email to everyone that entered photos. If you did not get a confirmation email them please try again.

    I replied to your email on Thursday.
  14. serenaj25

    serenaj25 Avid Member

    ok, I looked through my inbox just now including junk mail and I don't see anything. Just want to confirm that my photos qualified. Thanks and sorry to be a bother! :)
  15. Brad

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    No worries. Do you receive other emails from Chameleon Forums?
  16. serenaj25

    serenaj25 Avid Member

    yes i get them on a regular basis whenever new replies happen or things of that sort
  17. serenaj25

    serenaj25 Avid Member

    just following up to make sure my submission has been approved, thanks! :)
  18. Cmj

    Cmj New Member

    Where do I go to enter?
  19. Rogue

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  20. Davecameos

    Davecameos Avid Member

    You need to use the email address and attach the pictures to the email. :)
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