CBB Nosy Faly for sale

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Yet another great offering today!!

We are excited to be bringing in some CBB Nosy Faly from one of the top breeders in Europe.

For those that remember, we brought some of these in a couple of years ago and they were, and remain, stunning.

These will be sold as pairs, so keep that in mind as you consider them. Note, that we also have WC males that will also be available that may make for a nice trio to introduce some WC blood into your project.

More great news, the young males we are offering today are great size and will be approximately 7+ months old when they arrive here in the US. Females a bit younger, about 3 months.

Separate bloodlines are available so you can ensure that your pairs are not related.

Pictures below of are the actual sires as well as pictures of actual young males that are coming here. Trust me, these will be stunning animals.

Note, we will be offering CBB Antahala and Ambato from this same breeder. More to come on those in the coming days.


Animals are offered at $600 per pair.
Shipping is $50 for the total order.
We expect Animals to arrive here in the US April 11th.
A 50% deposit guarantees your animal.

If you are interested in ordering these awesome panthers, please send an email to the address below with the appropriate information. Feel free to call Steve with any questions beyond ordering at 901-550-1723.

[email protected]
Full Name
Home Address including Zip Code
Phone Number
email for contact
email for paypal
Nearest Fed Ex hub (if you know it)
Species and Number of chameleons to order (males.females)
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