New photos over the weekend (dialup warning)...


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My friend brought their camera by over the weekend and here are a couple of the photos that we took of some of my chams...


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Thanks for the compliments! The quad in the last two pictures (2 horn) will be for sale soon. I am keeping the male with 4 horns in the second picture.
Hey guys, I apologize for not responding to this thread sooner. I was out of commission for awhile due to a new job and relocating to Orlando. This thread is from a while back and I have sold all of them since these photos were taken. I am currently keeping F. pardalis, F. lateralis lateralis, and R. brevicadautus. Thanks for the compliments!

Roo: my spectrums were in a 20 gal. long with a screen cage on top of it, so it was 3/4 screened. They seemed to do well with that setup. How do you normally keep spectrums? I am thinking about getting a few more of them in the future.
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