Need advise with veiled female


I have a 9 mo female veiled. I have never had a female, and dealing with egg bearing issues is new to me. I have learned SO much from this site. I found I was feeding her to much, but I'm on track now. I THINK she is gravid, because she is chubby. I have an egg laying bin in her enclosure, according to specs on this site. I'm watching her closely to make sure her health doesn't go down hill. She is eating well, and active, however, she does spend some time under the heat lamp (85') with her mouth open. She doesn't gape all of the time but its enough that I wanted to inquire from people more knowledgeable than myself. I'm not sure if its NORMAL, or a possible respiratory issue, or if she may be full of eggs and its taking up so much room in her cavity, and its laboring her breathing. I look forward to any help and advise, THANK YOU!!!


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I would say if she is only doing it while basking then it is feeling a little hot to her. If it were a respiratory infection, she would be gaping at all times and not just under the basking light. Are you sure that temp is correct? How are you measuring it? 85 does not seem like a very high temp to cause gaping. I do not know if lack of breathing space due to eggs would cause her to hold her mouth open. Maybe someone else can elaborate on that for you. You have the bin in there, so that is good. You could always post some pics of her for everyone to see to maybe give their opinions on whether she has eggs or not.
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