My Little Family


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Daddy Luie when it was warm enough to get outside for some sun




Mama Camille in the house




Their little daughter Elly shedding




My Cuban Knight Dulce shedding and eating it



My dog Red with his Christmas toys

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What a beautiful family! You always have such nice photos and some of the healthiest chams on here! Love it!
Jann once again it amazes me how much color Luie has! Camille is gorgeous as always and Elly looks great! Along with the rest of your family :D
You have a very beautiful family ! Luie looks killer as usual!!!. I am glad to see the little "peanut" shedding! Hope to see you all again soon!
Jann, your chams have to be the most famous 'cham-ily' on the forums, lol! I always enjoy seeing your photos! I love that pic of Dulce pulling the shed off her toes!:D
Very cool!! I love anoles! Then again, I love reptiles and amphibians all together haha. Your dog is so cute! I know he's a mix but what does he have in him? Looks like a lot of boxer!!!!! How old is he?
hey Jann, thanks for the pics of everyone!!!!!
i showed Stanley the pics of his mom, pop and sister,, i think i saw him smile!!!! ;)
you are soooo lucky to be able to get them out during the "dead of winter", it's been cold as a w#&%^@* , well you know, here as of lately. can't wait until the spring so i can get him outside, it seems to totally rejuvinate them!!!!!
Jann, you honestly do have two of some of the most beautiful Veileds around! I love Luie and Camille, and Elly is going to be a little stunner when shes older too! Dulce is awesome and big! and your dog looks like a little suck! :D you have very wonderful children Jann!
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