US Rehoming my 2 year old Male Ambilobe *reduced*

I have decided to rehome my panther chameleon. We decided to get a dog, and the dog will not leave the chameleon stuff alone. My daughter loves the dog and she is really annoying if I kennel her while working from home. I would like to have the dog in my office when my wife is gone, but not only will tear up the enclosure, I think she would also probably stress out the little guy.

The cham is about 2 years old, and to the best of my knowledge is healthy. He just had a shed which seemed healthy, he has no abnormalities. I would think he might want to eat more than he does, but seems to be at a healthy weight. I feed him mostly adult dubia roaches, with some hornworms and superworms mixed in. He's never seen a vet, but if that's important to you I may be willing to get him a check up with a fecal prior to sale. I will not lie, he is not social, and has maybe been out 5 times since I brought him home. Which is why I've never taken him into the vet. I've never felt the need. Sire is the last pic. Titan from my local cham shop. Dams sire is known, but I don't have a picture. Let me know what other information I should include.

I would like to have the entire set up go as one lot with the cham. I am asking $800 for everything. If you are in CO or close to it, I would be happy to meet you somewhere if you were serious about him.

2 Year old Male Panther
2x2x4 Dragon Strand Enclosure (two sides I have covered with white corrugated plastic, and one side with plexiglass. Open front)
Drainage Tray
Steadily growing umbrella plant as primary cover
a few vines and perches
CliMist Cyclone Misting System
A 24" two bulb UVB light (Reptisun 10 currently mounted about 10" above enclosure
A basking lamp that currently uses a 65w bulb
Another lamp with a jungle dawn LED bulb
A couple containers for feeders
If you want it, I have a wooden box with a heater and thermostat I made to keep them in the garage.
Whatever I have left for Dubia, maybe 40 adults


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