My Chameleon Hasn't come yet?


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I ordered an ambanja panther chameleon from around a month ago and it still hasn't come? I called and they said that it must have gotten lost in shipping or something and they would figure it out, but that was 3 weeks ago...


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I probably am gonna get in trouble here but I know other people who have complained of this company and you are really not supposed to post things like this either. You can report them to the BOI on Fauna Classifieds if you have a problem with them. You are much better off buying from one of our site sponsors for the future. Obviously they are not being on the up and up and if it got lost in shipping, and it has been a month, then unfortunately there is no way it could be alive.
I would call them and ask for the tracking number. I had a female sent to me and fedex really did loose the package I called fedex and told them the tracking number eventually they found it and when i got the chameleon i slowly revived it but this was in the middle of winter and it was only lost for 4 days. I would also call the veildchameloen and make sure they send you another one. If they use than they should have insurance on their packages so i would be asking for another chameleon or your money back.
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