My Bioactive Enclosure Build (Panther chameleon)

I've been slowly collecting supplies and researching, and I think I've compiled a workable list of plants for my bioactive build-to-be! The enclosure will be a 36x18x36 glass ExoTerra with a custom GreatStuff background and all the fixings for a male Ankaramy panther chameleon.

I've had a couple long talks with some experienced gardeners and they said that my chosen plants will likely thrive in such an environment, but I wanted to check in with fellow keepers (@Brodybreaux25 ,@jamest0o0, @Goose502 :D) and see if there's anything in particular I'll need to watch out for/pitfalls to avoid in regards to these particular plants!

The current list of plants to incorporate:

  • Wandering jew/inch plant - I have the purple variety, but would also like a green one of some sort
  • Umbrella tree
  • Pothos - golden, pearl and jade, marble queen
  • Ficus - unsure if I want an Amstel King or a weeping fig
  • Bromeliad(s)*- I was thinking guzmania "scarlet star" or similar
  • Tillandsia* - "pink quill" and a handful of smaller species for background plugs
  • Live Mosses - club moss, Irish or Scottish moss, maybe some rough gooseneck or something.
  • Ferns - haven't decided on species, maybe Boston or maiden's hair?
  • Nerve plants
  • Polkadot plants
  • Spider plants
  • Possibly a small orchid* species (once the enclosure is stable)
* = to be mounted as epiphytes

I'm very excited to start building sometime in the near future!


Love the plant choices. As for an orchird I recommend trying to stick with a local orchid (from madagascar). I have an Angraecum Arachnites and a Darwins Orchid Angrecum sesquipedale. Theyre beautiful and thrive in a panther chameleon enclosure! Both are also known to be safe for chams :), the buttery smell from them is also amazing.
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It's a really awkward angle, cause the terrarium is currently on its side and I was in a hurry, but the left side now has the big wood pieces installed! The mossy bit there that's partially cut out of the photo is mostly hollow, and will be used as another anchor point for plants. :)

Next step is to get the larger pieces anchored to the right side, and then flip the viv on it's back to finish up with branches/fill in the rest of the background. The foaming process should be largely done by the weekend, at which point I'd like to start on shaping the foam/applying coco fiber. Getting there!

Right side accent log in place! :D I'll flip it on its back tomorrow, plan some branches, fill some cracks, and finish up with the background (it may become a two day effort, pending work!). I feel I may place another planter pot in the background, but I'm undecided as to where. I'll see how she looks once I start filling up with branches and go from there!

I've gone pretty far off my original plans, so now I'm pretty much just letting the materials speak to me and rolling with it. Happens all the time when I sculpt, anyway! It's both a blessing and a curse that I need to wait so long between coats.

Lol oops did it upload weird? I rotated it before posting. The viv's currently upended on the right side, so it's kinda weird to look at, even after I righted the image!

The red arrow is pointing toward the bottom of the viv. It was cut out of the image, haha!


Me trying to figure out this angleView attachment 234629

Also, actual picture of me while trying to place things with the viv on its side :ROFLMAO:
Ahhhh ok lol I’ve been marking my neck go in different directions like a bird trying to figure out with angle. I’ll send you my chiropractor bill for my neck :LOL: :ROFLMAO:
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