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Hi everyone! I am pondering more ways to improve my dude Emerald’s enclosure all the time. I tend to try and streamline everything to be automated on a timer and always explore the possibility of remote monitoring/operation. Today my mental tick is focused on my mistking system. I have mine currently setup using a 5 gallon clear plastic bin with a lid as the reservoir. Right now I am filling it about once a month, which is why I am thinking about a level alert sensor for it. I’m afraid it will slip my mind (what can I say, I’m paranoid)! Does anyone with a similar mindset have something they have found that works? I am looking at using a WiFi sump level detector like this one:


Also, on another thread someone mentioned that if you forego using the timer you can power it through a WiFi plug and set a schedule that way, plus add the remote operation capability, which I’m a fan of. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks for any discussion/expertise!


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In the past I've had my reservoir fed by my RO/DI storage as I had it in the same room and it could be topped off when the ball style float switch went low.

I've been looking at something more recently to switch this up as where I'm now setting up my water storage is on the other side of the room of where my RO/DI storage sits so I'll need to find a way to pump it over. I've been looking into reef aquarium Auto Top Off (ATO) units for this.


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Is this outdoors?
You could utilize a toilet tank float arm like some pond keepers use with a garden hose that refills the sump when it gets to a certain level.
I love the Macgyver/ mechanical complexity of that.
For indoors, there are also floats with battery powered alarms that simply float on the surface of your sump and alert when the sensor makes contact with the bottom of the vessel.....


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Thanks for the replies! I like the ideas. I don’t know if any of these are available with WiFi or remote monitoring, which is a huge part of what I’m looking for. I went ahead and purchased the one I linked above for that reason. I’ll let everyone know how it goes once I get it installed!
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