Setting Up for Incoming Panther- Feedback Requested


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So I am in the process of revamping a reptibreeze XL for my incoming juvenile panther. I tried to go as natural as possible like I used to do when I aquascaped. Here are my specs:

Reptibreeze XL
MistKing system
smart humidifier with hose for fogger if needed for humidity boost at night- controlled by phone and able to be scheduled
ZooMed T5HO
65w incandescent for basking light
Jungle Dawn LED for plants
Timer for lights
Various thermostats and hygrometers at different levels/locations both with and without wired probes
Dragon ledges supports
Sunset Chameleons custom feeder log (not pictured)

Golden Pothos
2 Vein plant varieties
Golden umbrella tree
Possibly adding a spider plant to fill in some gaps on the right.
Various artificial vines- won’t disintegrate under Cham feet

I have a 18x36x72 wire shelf on locking casters coming so I can get the lights off the top screen and help with functionality.

Based on what is listed and photos, do you think I’m on the right track? I have everything scaped, but before I foam up some of the panels for aesthetics (hide dragon ledges, plant pots, etc.) I would like some feedback.


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Hi. Is the black vine exo terra? If so, I wouldn’t use it. They tend to shed micro particles that as an itchy shedding cham rubs it’s face on, can get the particles in their eyes. Instead I’d add many more natural branches of varied circumferences to exercise little mitten feet muscles better. Give plenty of little chameleon roads for your cham to travel. If you’re getting a male, they love to patrol every inch of their enclosures. I use branches I gather…just give a good soapy wash, thorough rinse and dry in the sun. Have you checked this out? If not, you may want to before you start foaming.
Guessing you’ll be using the double pot method? For a great pop of color and some wild vining both up and down, wandering Jew is great. I hang mine in the back and they go crazy.For additional color without vining, bromeliad or even an orchid are nice. I’d also add a plant in the middle on the left just for a little balance…maybe something like a prayer plant. If you want to really fill out the bottom, you could get some shade loving plants like ferns. Yes, I tend to lean towards being plant crazy. :) Are you going bioactive? How will you be managing drainage?


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I will replace those vines! I don’t have any trees on my property, so I will try and source some more branches.
I actually used that article to help design the scape. I have dragon ledges and use the double pot method. I’ll also check out wandering Jew. I love plants too, so I love the suggestions!

as much as I would love to go bioactive, I want to start out with a bare bottom. Drainage, I have a drain pan with a gravity feed. Basically I took as much information from dragon strand, Chameleon Academy, and combing these forums. :)
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