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I am getting ready to purchase a misting system and wanted to know what everyone thought of this system.Is is a quiet system?I will be purchasing the pm-60 system.


This is the best system that i have found on the internet. If you know of some other ones besides DIY system then let me know.
I have the pm 70, and really like it. It is quiet. The people at Pro-Mist are top notch, too.

Unless you go with Mistking's new pump, you can't run it dry and it will only run for a short period of time. The new one looks kinda nifty. As far as needing a dripper after you have a nice misting system.. well, you don't.

I recommend having a look at the RainMaker and ProMist systems. Both receive many recommendations from experienced chameleon keepers. The last time I looked, kingmist products only allowed for very short misting periods; this is not what you want with chameleons.

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kingmist products...word of the day: Typosquatting :(

I wonder if resentment is spelled www.chameleonforum.com? :rolleyes:

Kingmist has put together a new package that has a serious pump.. just took a look at it. Here is the link: http://www.mistking.com/Advanced-Misting-System-with-Deluxe-Nozzles-p-16165.html

The pump pictured with the kit looks very similar to the promist pump, but the kit they are offering is not as inclusive as the promist one. The package price doesn't include any misting heads or a timer. It would be really nice to see a side by side of the two pumps. I will email promist and ask them for specifications on theirs.

Have you seen the mistking mister? It has a mister and an automatic dripper...

Actually what Marty at MistKing is describing when he talks about drips is that his nozzles are designed NOT to drip :). With frogs, the keeper is looking for ways to just mist and NOT drip. Marty's nozzles have a pressure level that must be exceeded in order to allow water to pass to the tip and end-up as mist. Under about 20-30psi, no water gets past the last ~1/4" of the nozzle. I spoke to Marty about carrying regular nozzles too. Regular nozzles, without the pressure valve, are available at: http://www.cloudtops.com/mistingnozzles.htm and along with the red one, there are other colors too. The color defines the volume of water per unit of time as well as the angle of dispersion pattern produced. If you are using a regular PM-60 pump then the pressure will be perfect to overcome Marty's nozzle. I use his fancy multi-bendable assemblies but I remove his tips and put on my own tips for a different pattern for various reasons :).

The biggest difference between his pump and the pro-products pump is that I believe his pump is designed to run directly on 120VAC while the PM-60 pump is a 24VAC pump and has a 120VAC to 24VAC step-down transformer with it. Some people want a safer low voltage pump when dealing with water. I'm neutral on the voltage subject :).
Heika/Dave, thanks for the recommendations. They both look like excellent products.
I'm really keen to buy one of the systems, but generally the shipping charges on these things (I haven't actually investigated what the companies will charge me yet for shipping, I'm just speculating) make them quite a lot more expensive for me here in South Africa.

So my question is: do you know of any alternative pumps that can be used to drive a successful misting system? Something that I can look around for at hardware/gardening/pet/industrial stores over here?
I've heard of guys using air pumps from aquariums, but from previous experience with those, it seems like a noisy (and possibly not very effective) solution. And I would like the 'run-dry' feature too.

I'm currently using a basic system that is driven from one of those manually pressurised pump-garden sprayers (the plans for it come from Basking Lizards, I think), but I'd like to put a electric/motorized pump on to be able to control the flow better, and to be able to pump more water through.

Also, on the MistKing site they said: "All the fittings and nozzles are imported from overseas and are top quality." I'm thinking if they are importing them from outside North America, there may be alternatives for me closer to home. Know of any good ones?
So my question is: do you know of any alternative pumps that can be used to drive a successful misting system? Something that I can look around for at hardware/gardening/pet/industrial stores over here?
I've heard of guys using air pumps from aquariums, but from previous experience with those, it seems like a noisy (and possibly not very effective) solution. And I would like the 'run-dry' feature too.

There used to be a guy here on these forums that built his own misting system using a pump, but I cannot remember what he used. Dave, do you remember which forum it was where Eric talked about that, and what pump he used? I have looked around for that post, and can't find it anywhere.

I have looked at the agricultural pumps at my feedstore, and believe that I could use one to run a misting system now that I have seen how they work. I think it would take some extra reducers to do it, though.. to get it down to a reasonable size, either 3/8 or 1/4. I am guessing that the pressure would be higher as well, so a pressure reducer on the line and heavier tubing would probably be needed. And, the pump would have to be able to plug into or wire into a timer.

I believe that Pro-mist manufactures their pumps here in the US. They do a lot more than reptile stuff. You will probably have better luck trying to find out who the manufacturer is of the Mistking pump or maybe the Rainmaker pump if you want to try and find them outside of the US.

I emailed Pro-Mist this morning, and received a response from them. I probably should have phrased my request differently.. I really did want specifications on the pump. Still not sure what those are, but I did get a great response from Bob.

Here it is in its entirety:


Our Pro Mist PMP 60&70 pumps have a proven track record of reliability and performance for more than 10 years along with unsurpassed customer service. Our pumps are quieter, will last much longer, can run continuously (even dry) without damage and are covered by a better warranty which has recently been extended on the pump to 3 years from the date of purchase to the original buyer. This warranty will be honored for all of our PMP-60 & 70 pumps sold after 01/04/05.

We have several industrial customers that operate our pumps 24/7 in harsh manufacturing plant environments, which have been in service for more than 5 years without any problems. Even the FBI chose our system after researching all of the brands available to create a simulated aerosol attack to train their agents (no noise, super fine mist, lower flow rate, dependable). To date, we have not had one pump returned (in or out of warranty) due to a failure of the pump.

We are currently working on a new lower priced system that will provide close to the quality and performance of our present systems, but at a reduced price. It will outperform all other standard models being sold by other companies and will include a pump with many of our current features including being able to run dry without damage, quiet as our current pumps and will be totally self priming. We are trying to bring this system to the market in the $130.00 price range and should have it available in about 6-8 weeks.

Bob Pound [email protected]
Pro Products www.pro-products.com
All of the above systems are great and of top notch quality. But, if you have some DIY abilities, you can fabricate your own system for much less than these store packages.
I'm currently fabricating my own DIY misting system. You can buy a very good 115 Volt shurflo diaphragm pump off of ebay for as little as $40. This is the same pump most of the misting companies are using, regardless of what they tell you. Shurflo pumps are industrial strength and most can run dry for moderate periods of time if the water source drops.
I also found a great supplier of very fine mist spray nozzles and PVC connectors on ebay. I purchased 10 of these nozzles with the PVC attachements for $25. When all said and done, my DIY system will have only cost me $85 and that includes the tubing, 10 spray nozzles, and a digital timer with 14 on/off settings.
PM me if you want links to what I found.
Hope this helps.
I find this out now as my PMP-60 kit arrives.

EDIT: I find the ProMist systems to be excellent! I would strongly recomend them to anybody and suggest that you give them a try.
I want to thank everyone for there info on the misting systems. I called today and ordered my pm-60 misting system today.Everyone at promist were very nice and answered all my questions that I had.
I have the PM60 and it works great, super quiet and safe, the motor can run without water without burning up and creating a fire hazard, the rainmaker system will not do this, teh pump requires water for lubrication and therfore will burn out if system runs out of water.
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