Mesh cage

wow $60+ usd(unless the sign means euros then its an ok price)!! we can get them for $22 usd about 10 gbp. if thats a good price in the uk go for it i have them(22 gallon) for my chams.
Hehe, it'll be Euro's, it £22.99 GBP which would be roughly $35??? ( UK is always more expensive than USA :( )

Do you think the 38 gallon will be too big? :)
i think that would be too big for you 8 week old chameleon. i my honest opinion u need one around 20''tall18''wide 12''deep
The 22 gallon is 14.5" x 14.5" x 25", that's about the same size as what she's in now - i'll be better with that one then :)

Thanx :)
sorry kazzai just read the pm. yea that one will be good just make sure she has enough plants and vines to me her stay away from the mesh.
Cool :)

I'm going to buy lots of real plants when i get this cage, should i get the tray for underneath too?

I've got the reptile carpet, another lamp with a 60w bulb and a nice big selection of bugs - just bought some indian walking sticks :)
yea u will need to set up a drainage system that works for you. what i do is i drop water in the leave (like rain) and i have a dish covered with mesh to catch the water and i empty it out every day with a hose. but like i said to wat works for you
I started my Veiled out in this cage at 2 months with the breeder's blessing. It has worked out fine. I have the plastic liner that has good and bad points. I am wiping up water with paper towels, but it is easy to clean once a week with a hose. I hand-sprayer mist my guy 3X daily for 5 minutes, and even that produces alot of water. You will need a good UVB light because the mesh is dark and blocks light. I use a Zoomed 10.0, and because of the dark mesh, it is not easy to see into the cage unless it is well lit.
Great advise, thanx guys ;) :D

I've got a good supply of paper towels lol - using them in my stick insect tank, much easier & cheaper than substrate.

Now ( please don't shout at me ) i was thinking of putting my mealworms in the same tank as the stick insects - is this a good idea or will the worms eat them? It's just a space saving idea :confused:
Why not contain the worms to a small plastic container that you can set in there. I have 3 types of worms in one drawer but they are seperated this way

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That's i good idea, i can put all of my bugs in there like that - there's plenty of room. :)

Thanks Brad

Hey there, I just recently purchased a Chameleon. Itl ives in a home-made glass Viv just now roughly 14" x 16". I know I need a mesh/screened viv but funds are low just now - Will he be ok for maybe a few more weeks?
He's a Vieled Chameleon about 5inch long to base of tail.

Cheers much. Chris.
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