Male or Female??


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So, I bought a handful of females, but this one does not look like the others. I think there was a mess up and I'm guessing it's a male but wanted to get some opinions. He/She is slightly larger and throwing some light greens which the others aren't. Thanks all!!



Oh, I see what your seeing. We think he is a male too. But im not going to bet the farm yet.;)

Thanks guys! I like to think I'm pretty good at getting the sex right, especially when I have others that I'm sure are female to compare to. But, it's still so hard to tell from the vent area.
hadthebaby itsaboy!

haha, I have no clue if its a boy or girl, but since you and the other poster think its a boy, i had to say it.
You guys are awesome!! Lol, I was actually going to message you this on Facebook Jared. Thanks for commenting, thought it would be easier to post it up here. :D
wow buying chams buy them hand full now, cool i got pretty big hands LOL !! looks alot like my male.
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