Looking for a male Panther Cham.. Where should i start?


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Have a 4 month old female Veiled already but looking to find a nice Panther as well. I'm in New Hampshire (usa) and very few pet stores carry Chams let alone Panther chams. So i was wondering if anyone from this area knows a good place to go or any breeders close by? Or what breeder websites do you guys recommend? Thanks!

And i'm not looking for babies, but preferably an adolescent-adult cham. Thanks again
As far as adolescents go, are we talking 6 months plus? There are some great sponsors on here that offer some great chams. I would shop around a bit, and go from there. I know Screameleons offer chams of all ages. If you dont see what you want on their site, you can give them a call and tell them what you are looking for, and they will help you out, they are great, and their chams are gorgeous. Also, lllreptiles.com have adult Ambanja males available right now, if you would be looking for that. Good luck!
You can also try the chameleoncompany.com I got a really nice pair of chams from there last fall. :)
Also check the classifieds on here. there are always people selling their chameleons. If you cannot respond to their add, then just send them a private message.
I got both of my boys from sellers here on the classified site. Nic (nicodemayo) of chameleon kingdom and Todd keller sold me very healthy and beautiful animals.
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