Live Bearing Species?

Hello, can someone fill me in on what some of the obtainable live bearing species in today's market are? I know of a few, but curious about some others.



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The most obtainable would be Trioceros jacksonii xantholophus. You can find these as wild caughts year long for the most part and as captive breds here and there. Tr. jacksonii merumontanus and jacksonii jacksonii have been pretty regular on the market for a while but it is much tougher to find captive bred specimen of them.

Besides the jacksonii you can find Tr. hoehnelii and Tr. sternfeldi (rudis) quite a bit and sometimes as captive bred.

Other species include: Tr. werneri, Tr. bitaeniatus, Tr. fuelleborni, which all are rarely found as captive bred. There were quite a bit of Tr. ellioti that came in last summer but not very seldom. At least since I have been keeping chams. Hopefully we will see some CB ones on the market in the future.

Some of the F1 farm raised species include: Tr. tempeli, "red rudis" and very very rarely Tr. goetzei.

Some Bradypodion transvaalense were on the market last year or the year before?? This is the first time for a while any Bradypodion have been seen in the US.

I have been working with my German friends to get more Bradypodion into the US. August of 2009 I brought in Bd. thamnobates. I should also be receiving Bd. thamnobates and transvaalense as soon as this darn weather starts cooperating. My German friends and I are hoping to start doing these imports more and more often with species including thamnobates, transvaalense, pumilum, setaroi and damaranum.

All the animals I mentioned are for the US and I probably have missed some:eek:
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