Problem- shes always eating good and sleeping good and seems healthy but all the sudden a couple days ago she became really lethargic... shes not sleeping during the day but it seems as though she is almost resting her head and body on the leaves that she basks on. When I take her out she climbs all over me and seems to have energy again. She shed last week and she got every piece of skin off . (Idk if that could have anything to do with this) Also - yesterday I fed her crickets as usual and she ate them all. Today I gave her them at the same time as usual and she hasnt touched them . What could be wrong ??

Your Chameleon - Veiled female, maybe a month old? Got from PetSmart and they didnt kmow the age but shes the size of my ring finger. Have had her for 3 weeks now.
Handling - once a day for a few minutes unless she appears to be upset
Feeding - just crickets. About 8-10 a day. But looking for advice on where to buy other insects for her.
Supplements - Calcium every other day. Calcium with d3 every 2 weeks.
Watering - Manually mist the cage every 4ish hours. And twice a day I give her water with a little dropper..
Fecal Description - both normal colors... brown feces and white urates.
History - not quite sure of where she came from before she was shipped to PetSmart.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - 16x16x30 ZooMed Reptibreeze Chameleon kit (medium)
Lighting - Reptisun 5.0 UVB and ZooMed daylight blue 60w. Lights on at 8am and off at 8pm
Temperature - 90° f in basking spot and 73° lowest part of cage.
Humidity - 60-70% humidity
Plants - One umbrella plant..
Placement - It is in my bedroom, relatively quiet I'm not one of those crazy teenagers you hear about.) his basking spot is right about 6 feet.
Location - dining room next to a big window to bring in some light for her.


Chameleons can be very boring at times and just sit around. Since she is so new, she is probably just getting into her daily routine. When first put into a new enclosure they will explore a lot until they are comfortable so she is most likely settled in.

A few things to adjust with your husbandry though:

Lower the basking temp to around 80-85F. 90 is hot for a young cham like her and can dehydrate her quickly.

Since she is still relatively new and has only been in your care for 3 weeks I would cut back on handling her. Handling can be very stressful for chameleons since they are solitary animals. When in a new enclosure they new time to adjust and become comfortable. This can sometimes take a few weeks.

Make sure to lightly dust your feeders with plain calcium at every feeding. Your D3 schedule is good but add a multivitamin to use every two weeks.

If you are hand misting, run the dripper all day at one or two drops per second. When misting, spray for atleast 2 minutes each time to ensure she is stimulated to drink and clean her eyes.
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