Lethargic, burnt knee


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Chameleon Info:
  • Your Chameleon - Male Panther Chameleon, 3.5 Years old, been in my care for a little over 3 years
  • Handling - For the first few years I only held him once, but for the past few days every day to give him water
  • Feeding - Used to be 3 1" dubia roaches every other day fed flukers cricket quencher, but a few weeks ago he slowed down eating and started having trouble eating the roaches so now I try to give him super worms but he is now having trouble eating them too
  • Supplements - Arcadia Earth pro A for three feedings then I alternate between Arcadia CalciumPro and RevitaliseD3 for the fourth feeding
  • Watering - Misting for 5 minutes every three hours during the day by a mistking
  • Fecal Description - Darker yellow urate the most recent time but before that white
  • History - He burned himself on his right knee and elbow and along his side from his heat lamp. I didn't notice it until after he shed but then I put Vetericyn plus antimicrobal reptile wound & skin care on it every day and it healed pretty well after a few weeks

Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - Screen cage, 2x2x4
  • Lighting - 70 Watt incandescent bulb for heat lamp. Arcadia T5 reptile Lamp 24 watt for forest reptile species
  • Temperature - 88 degrees at basking spot. 72 at coldest point read with a temp fi reader
  • Humidity - After misting goes to 78 then drops to 53 at it's lowest before misting again. reading with a temp. fi
  • Plants - Schefflera arboricola
  • Placement - In my room on a 2 foot stand
  • Location - Texas

Current Problem - About 8 months ago Steve burned himself a little on his heat lamp which was 150 watt, it is now 70 watt. It didn't look burned until after he shed. After a few weeks of using antimicrobial spray it looked like it healed up. It looked like a similar texture to what it was before but it was a brighter red color, his front elbow is still that color and his sides are fully healed. 8 months later (About 3 weeks ago) he shed again and the spot on his knee opened up again, I do not think he burned it again, I think it just never actually fully healed in the first place. He has since gotten Lethargic and slowed his eating and drinking and got very thin and pale. He will drink if water is sprayed directly on to him and he tries to eat superworms I give him but he does not use his tongue to get them he just tries to bite at them and misses, the ones he does get into his mouth he does not swallow. His eyes were sunken in but I gave him a half unflavored Pedialyte and water solution and they have since gotten more bulbous, not like they were before though.
His ankle is also a little swollen
How and what do I feed him and is there any medicine I can give him?

I do not have any before pictures


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He need vet for burn to get the cream he needs. Can only get it with a prescription. Probably has infection. Have you been changing his uvb bulb. His temps are still a little high 80 to 85. But he so skinny needs vet.


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Hi there. Looks like there is an infection from the burn based on how swollen it is. I do not know if it is the infection or something else going on but this boy needs a reptile vet asap. He is slowly dying. You can tell by his all over thin appearance and how is casque, cheeks, and eyes are also extremely concave.
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